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Learn Vietnamese

ACT, Correspondence, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA

Vietnamese 101 (Beginners)   
The University of Sydney

Sydney - Inner West
160 Missenden Road, Newtown

Over 80 million people speak Vietnamese both in Vietnam and various other communities around the world. For example, it is the language of a large community of nearly 200,000 Australians of Vietnamese heritage. This a beginners course that requires no prior knowledge of the language and through classroom activities such as pair work, group work, role play and discussions, participants will have the chance to communicate in the official language of one of Southeast Asia's oldest civilisations. Great emphasis is given to pronunciation and fluency, which will enhance learners' confidence when conversing in this complex tonal language. Details of this course ...

Cost: $268.00
Duration: 120 Minutes x 10 Sessions
Next Class: TBA
Phone: 02 9036 4789
Email: cce.info@sydney.edu.au
Web: cce.sydney.edu.au