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Natural Health & Healing Courses

ACT, Correspondence, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA

Meditation for Beginners   
Meditation Pathways

Melbourne - Eastern Suburbs
Surrey Hills

Meditation Pathways in Melbourne specialises in small-group meditation courses for adults and relaxation and meditation classes for VCE students. The six-week courses are practical in approach and will help you to stress less, sleep better, and enjoy a calmer and clearer approach to life. A free introductory session at the start of each term with Eileen Vamos enables you to see the Meditation Pathways approach. You will learn simple and effective strategies to help you relax, even during the busiest day. You will also be introduced to a range of meditations.

Cost: $120.00
Duration: 75 Minutes x 6 Sessions
Phone: 0407 881 285
Email: eileen@meditationpathways.com.au
Web: www.meditationpathways.com.au

Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development Course   
Inner Voyage - Holistic Human Development

This course covers everything you need to know to start your own business as a meditation teacher & holistic counsellor. Subjects include the foundations of meditation & happiness, understanding stress, tools for healing, meditation techniques, teaching & running classes, working with specific groups, working in community and corporate settings, counselling and coaching skills plus small business management and marketing. Upon completion of this course you will be awarded a Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development and have the opportunity to become an accredited Inner Voyage Associate Practitioner. This course is perfect for those wishing to start a business ...

Cost: $1500.00
Duration: 360 Minutes x 12 Sessions
Phone: 07 5447 7425
Email: contact@inner-voyage.com
Web: www.inner-voyage.com

Pelvic Floor Short Course   
Kathi Janssens

Sydney - North West
281 Old Northern Rd, Castle Hill

Most women love to share beauty tips and secrets and most women know what it takes to keep themselves looking fit and youthful. But not many women know how to keep their pelvic floor in top shape. Discreetly Fit is explicitly concerned with preventing and reversing pelvic floor weakness, by sharing the tips and secrets of feminine fitness. Our pelvic floor short course runs over two sessions teaching you to train, protect, use and heal your pelvic floor. We help you to connect with your intimate zone and teach you to detect problems early. This is a program for women ...

Cost: $195.00
Duration: 420 Minutes x 2 Sessions
Next Class: TBA
Phone: 0406 501 509
Email: info@discreetlyfit.com
Web: www.discreetlyfit.com

Summer Short Courses   
Island Health College

300 Argyle Street, North Hobart

Expand your mind this summer! Short natural therapy courses covering an introduction to either Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Shiatsu, Nutrition or Homeopathy. All courses run for two days over the January/February period.

Cost: $269.00
Duration: 360 Minutes x 2 Sessions
Next Class: TBA
Phone: 03 6236 9011
Email: admin@islandhealth.tas.edu.au
Web: http://www.islandhealth.tas.edu.au

The Healing Journey   
Claire Belton

Perth - Southern Suburbs
Waylen Bay Scout Hall, The Strand, Applecross

…access the wisdom of your body for health, happiness and inner guidance. Learn how to access and increase the flow of prana (life force energy) in your body for purposes of self healing, increased awareness, and higher states of consciousness. Experience the use of breathwork breathing, healing yoga, movement, and mindfulness to open up to the power within to guide you in your life and bring about peace, joy, clarity and direction, and emotional and physical healing. This workshop is an opportunity to honour and allow feelings and emotions to surface, release and transform. In allowing our feelings we unblock ...

Cost: $150.00
Duration: 480 Minutes x 1 Sessions
Next Class: TBA
Phone: 0408 909 779
Email: claire@clairebelton.com.au
Web: www.clairebelton.com.au

Theta Healing Basic DNA   
Jerome Baudel

Sydney - Inner West
333 King St, Newtown

During this two and half day workshop you will learn to: - Identify limiting beliefs and programming held in the deep subconscious and facillitate deep healing on all levels. Open and develop your psychic abilities and learn how to utilise your latent gifts and use them to 'read' as accurately as any psychic. Learn about quantum physics and DNA activation and how this validates and supports Theta Healing as an immensely powerful tool. See clairvoyantly into the body the problem areas. Connect and communicate with guides, guardian angels, elementals, and ancestors. Connect with your Higher Self or the one of ...

Cost: $494.00
Duration: 340 Minutes x 3 Sessions
Next Class: TBA
Phone: 0414 169 256
Email: contact@cl-centre.com
Web: www.cl-centre.com